The work of creating meaningful places is challenging. Insight, discovery and new perceptions evolve throughout the design process. The work is to pursue the art of meaning, rather than fashionable design. The meaning comes from understanding the story through its history, emotional thrust, intellectual inquiry, humor and social impact. We enjoy the challenge. Over several decades, IQM has developed a strong methodology to manage the teams necessary for  the vision, curatorial research, story creation, design, and construction of complex projects.


The firm has been responsible for the design of new museum construction and renovation and capital improvement projects. All necessitate the creation of partnerships through team building and the development of personal relationships to accomplish client goals. IQ Magic interacts directly with all involved to realize the project vision – from institutional boards, directors, contract personnel, to construction managers and contractors in the field. Over the course of three decades the firm has worked extensively with City and County governments, State agencies and Federal programs.


There are many disciplines involved in the design of significant institutions. The core design team includes architects, industrial designers, graphic artists, writers, historians and any number of specialty consultants. Most clients engage staff, stakeholders and their board of directors in projects – all with insights that assist in shaping the final outcome.


IQ Magic understands that to remain vibrant and relevant, today’s institutions must embrace social networking, integrated with gaming and inquiry for dramatic storytelling. It is important to  engage in  information sharing to allow diverse audiences vto participate in the dialogue.

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