Museums are, at their best, engaging, educational story tellers. The first challenge for the new Papalote was to create a compelling story that would excite, inspire, captivate, and motivate visitors to play and learn. The essence of this compelling story is contained in the renovation’s vision statement developed by the planning team of Chora: “There is a star inside you. You are a maker, the creator of your future and we believe in you. You are a community. You are never alone. You are connected to and dependent upon your body, your environment, your family, your home and your City. How can you make them all better?”


The renovated Papalote building and designed experiences by IQM and Weldon Exhibits are divided into seven zones containing over 150 visitor experiences. Each Zone has its own distinct visual language, iconography, color palette and educational goals. These exhibits were developed in partnership with the Papalote Core Team, to fulfill the goal of being the best learning journey possible.

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